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Diversified network of global freelance recruiters for your hiring needs

Streamline & automate recruitment with the help of Artificial Intelligence

Optimize sourcing, quality of hire and candidate involvement

Global Freelance Recruiters Network

Our global freelancer network gives an edge in local reach specific to the geography. Their local connections and technical expertise ensure the best acquisition abilities.

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Automate Pre Hiring
selection Process

The expertise of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Natural Language processing reduces interview time frame and increases accuracy, efficiency and Relevant data. It empowers you to conduct hundreds of interviews simultaneously.

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Recruiters & Artificial Intelligence
working together

Intelligently sort high volumes of resumes, focus on the most relevant profiles and save long hours which takes  recruiter’s time.


Manual Resume screening is the most time-consuming part of hiring, especially when more that 80% of the profiles are not suitable for the role. Our digital resume screening lets you focus more on the prime talents.

Sourcing Effectiveness

Sourcing needs human connection, however using AI will empower the recruiters to hire the best professionals with a little help. Companies using AI for recruitment observed improved employee Performance.

Our Differentiators

Vast network of freelancers

Connect with our global freelance network of recruiters to hire best talent as per your needs.

Pipeline Building

Our tools segregate, group and do multitude of cores. You can spend your valuable time for human touch.

Optimal Engagement

Facial capture, video bots, automated interrogations and a lot more – for a complete and holistic experience

Crisp Reporting

Actionable and Analytics based reports fine tunes your hiring process. Our tools transform data to meaningful reports.

Adaptive Technology

Automation tools and workflows schedule interviews and generate actionable, unbiased analytics.

Always on Support

24 x 7, anywhere and whenever you need. Data security, confidentiality and service is our top priority.