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Meet SAIRA – The AI Assistant for Recruiting

Hiring made simpler with our Intelligent Screening of resumes, Recruiter Video Bot and Digitized Interview Assistant

69% Optimize Screening Time

Intelligent Analytics and Reporting

Automate Candidate Ranking & Scoring

Data security
& Support

Get notified of best candidates for new jobs, your next hire might probably be in our vast network of freelance recruiters.

Find the top talent, faster.

Accurate & Smart

Add intelligence to automated interactions to drive better and more informed decisions propelling quality recruitments.

Compare & Measure Resumes

Optimize sourcing by having precise shortlisted resumes by Intelligent Resume Screening. Let Machine Learning do real-time sourcing.

Manifold Practical Applications

A unified service encompassing job postings, sourcing, re-discovery, screening, messaging and automated interviews.

SAIRA 1.0 and SAIRA 2.0

Advanced video assistant conduct simultaneous recruitment interviews with Deep Learning which captures sentimental analysis of the interviewee.