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Simplify Recruitment - Optimize Sourcing

What We Do


Globalization and expansion of businesses to new geographies has necessitated outsourcing of key business processes. To combat challenges like cultural differences, time zones and diversity, off shore centres are being established.Our vast global recruiter network helps in managing these challenges and meet the client’s requirement with efficiency.


Staffing process needs to match the diverse work environment and culture with expansion of business in geographies. They need to tap the talent local to the geography to meet the cultural and legal requirements. Our Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) caters to these local requirements exclusively.


Ramping up staff for Project on a need basis or dealing with changing environment, we find the best professionals and skilled workforce to work with these ever changing business dynamics. Our solutions are cost effective and efficient.

Our Expertise

Workonic offers best in class recruitment process outsourcing services. Many companies count on us for finding the best talent for specific job responsibilities at various levels of the hierarchy.

Our track record, experience and capabilities gives us an edge for the organizations looking for customized RPO solutions. We serve the hiring requirements of companies of all types and sizes– from start-ups to multinationals and across geographies.

  • Specialize in choosing the best candidate across all industry verticals and geographies
  • Get the kind of talent you are looking for to fill crucial positions
  • Serve your short term and long term needs for highly qualified professionals
  • Innovative sourcing strategies that helps in delivering fast and unbiased results

Choose From A Vast Pool Of Talent

Employees are the pillars of the solid foundation that your organization requires to combat the tough competition and make swift and smooth progress. Our skilled recruitment team will work closely with your hiring team to understand your hiring requirements in detail and will match your needs with the vast pool of talent available in our database.

Our Process

Require candidates for specific positions? Just let us know the kind of talent you are looking for and the details of the project for which you need them. We will contact your HR team to make a detailed analysis. We are capable of handling the entire hiring process and can provide corporate talent for specific positions. We have a proven record of delivering great results in almost every RPO project we have handled so far.

Workonic Recruitment Service is structured to meet all the hiring regulations that are applicable to the industry. We also keep the data secure and it is at our top priority.

Why Choose Workonic?


With our best in class experience in the industry, we expertise in keeping the turnaround time low. We are the best in getting top and quality professionals in the quickest possible time.


Our talent search processes are highly detailed and backed by strong research capabilities. We specialize in hiring the best talents across industries. Our experience and expertise in providing consultancy has helped many complex project achieve success.


We have strong Industry database mapped with global recruiters network. We cater to all the geographies and diverse industries and businesses with efficiency and precision.


We work closely with our clients, throughout the entire recruitment process. We are just a call away whenever you need our inputs and suggestions to enhance selection process. We are a kind of extension of your HR team.


When you choose us for your recruitment needs, you can benefit from associating with a professional recruitment agency. We have extensive networking within various industries. Some of the best brains in the executive search.


We have a detailed and extensive screening process to get the best talent. Our customized solutions to our clients is the key differentiator in the industry. We work with a well-defined process to match the right talent.

Manage all the sourcing, screening, and measurement tactics for your entire organization