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Meet SAIRA – The AI Assistant for Recruiting

Find, build, engage and nurture talents with Workonic's tailored for a wholesome hiring experience

Incorporate AI for your Human
Resource Goals

Workonic’s Smart AI-powered Recruitment Assistant (SAIRA) is a revolutionary service which automates hiring as well as sourcing needs. Complimented with intelligent resume screening & smart engagement engines which interact with the candidates, schedules & conduct interviews, captures semantics of the candidate and generates actionable analytics highlighting the KPI

International network of
Freelance Recruiters

Workonic’s has a network of international recruitment agencies which deliver a world of possibilities empowered by their immense versatility of talent pooling. Engage with our global network of freelance recruiters and utilize their services to reach, sort and hire talents specific to your business needs.

Global reach

Recruiters spread across 6 continents source the best of talents depending upon tailored requirements of language proficiency, skill sets and geographic considerations

Pluralistic Sourcing

Your hiring needs are broadcasted to the recruitment firms, each having their own resource pool. This extended reach to the expertise of the entire network allows to tap the most relevant and proficient talents

Intelligent Resume

Filter out and identify the most suitable digital profiles from our vast database of resumes with respect to your personalized needs based on Digital matchmaking through Artificial Intelligence.

Video-bots and camera
attuned by Artificial Intelligence

Find, Screen and select professionals within minutes by using the services of our video-bots which capture relevant information, conduct interviews using video recognition and provide you with intelligent analysis of the interviews

Capture the persona of professionals

Our feature recognizing camera algorithms plus dynamic video bot interviews reveal the otherwise enveloped aspects like the soft skills, personal characteristics and intelligent predictive analytics to further screen the profiles

Data Driven Decisions

Our machine learning technology analyses not only the current profiles, but also the potential candidates for future positions. This helps to a vast extent to assess the performance of a potential employee with respect to their past records

Sentimental Analysis

One of the most desirable functionalities of an AI recruitment service including Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Automated Reasoning and General Intelligence, is the ability to perform indepth ‘Sentimental Analysis’ of the candidate during the smart automated interview. Based on the reciprocation of a question, our algorithms understanding the phyche of the candidate by assessing their judgement, reviews and opinions.

During the automated interview with the virtual interviewer, our recursive neural networks spring into action to detect the predominant feelings on every response taking into consideration aspects like the tone of voice and selection of words. Graphical representation of the same post interviews is a great way to visualize the pros and cons of a candidate with respect to the nature of the job.

Unified Comprehensive Dashboards

Transform your employee hiring and candidate sourcing with Dashboards which are realtime, actionable and highly intuitive

Having clarity on your current hiring requirements is an essential aspect which helps you in targeting relevant vacant positions and next efforts. Our actionable analytics and reports lets you focus on the key areas which require your attention.

Pipeline Management:
A personalized launch-pad to keep an eye on the quality of your hiring pipeline

Slicing & Dicing:
For those high volume hiring, filter out jobs by designations, locations or departments

Fluid Navigation:
Pin the high priority vacancies on your dashboard to attune the hiring process

As a quality recruiter, speed and quality to meet a company’s staffing needs is of utmost importance. Workonic’s distinctive reports and dashboards give you the wings to soar the talent pool to quantify the effectiveness of your sourcing efforts.

KPI Visualizations

Average time to fills, Costs of hiring, Segmentations by Designations & Locations and many more, get insights & interview scorecards

Quality & Source of Hire

Applicant qualification based on job relevance, visualize the source of hire on the recruitment dashboard

Automated Smart Interviews

Automate, schedule and conduct interviews by using our smart engagement tools like Video Bots which also capture and report candidate sentiment analysis


decrease in the time to hire when a recruiter works with SAIRA


of candidates re-engage with SAIRA in the application


of candidates complete the screen from SAIRA