Resumes only tell half the story!” Leverage the potential of Artificial Intelligence in recruitment to capture ‘genuineness’ and ‘personality’ of a candidate. AI-powered video bot interview provides in-depth insights beyond what’s in the C.V. The process has helped revolutionise the hiring process, enabling recruiters to save time and drive high-quality talent.


Benefits of Video Bot Interview

There are several benefits of AI in recruitment that has taken video bot interview at a surge across diverse fields and industries. Let’s have a glimpse of the advantages of including video bot interview in your hiring process:


  • Automated and AI-based video interviews help analyse the candidate’s facial expressions, voice tone and body language which say a lot about a person’s personality and authenticity.


  • It helps speed up the selection process as the recruiter can engage with the candidate sooner with minimalist setup required.


  • Artificial Intelligence recruitment tools such as video bot interview help enhance the quality of hire as the recruiter is able to view and hear the candidate at the very first stage of recruitment, enabling them to make a better judgement.


  • It allows the candidate to appear for the online interview at any time convenient to them, minimising the hassle of no-show. The recruiter is also able to evaluate the interviewer at their own convenience, comparing and contrasting how each interviewee has answered the same set of questions.


  • Video interview helps reduce recruitment cost for both the recruiter and the organisation.

3 Ways you can Use Artificial Intelligence in Recruitment 

Workonic Video Interview

AI-powered recruitment tools like video bot interview have a wide range of applications as discussed herewith:

  1. Campus Recruitment: Most companies, in their expansion phase, hire hundreds of candidates through campus recruitment. This requires conducting interviews for thousands of candidates to recruit the right talent for the company. The key objective is to hire hardworking and diligent individuals to minimise the Cost-to-Company (CTC) per employee. The process can be extremely laborious and time-consuming.


Workonic provides an intuitive and AI-powered video bot interview tool that enables the talent acquisition managers to perform thousands of candidate interviews at a time. It does not conduct the interviews sequentially, rather parallel to help save valuable time and money.


  1. Freshers Recruitment: When hiring a fresher for the organisation, merely running through the resume is not enough. Since the individual is new in the professional world, the recruiter needs to assess several other factors like – will he fit into the job role? Is he capable of handling the pressure? How his behaviour will affect the organisation and other employees? A resume does not cover the entire story!


Video bot interview work on advanced technologies like Sentiment Analysis, Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning and General Intelligence that help record behavioural patterns and other aspects useful for recruiting the right talent.


  1. Hiring for Senior Level Job Positions: When recruiting for top-level job positions, the video bot interview tool is capable of asking both technical and non-technical questions to help understand the candidate’s core expertise and whether he or she is ideal for the job role.


The benefits of AI in recruitment are profound, especially when video bots conduct systematised and streamlined interviews for effective hiring. With Workonic, leverage the potential of technology to empower your recruitment process, save cost & time, and hire the best talent.