Video bot interviews are the talk of the town today. They have helped so many multi-national companies revolutionize their hiring processes for new talent. These bots have made the lives of the interviewers extremely easy so that they can focus on more important tasks at hand. Some of the most important ways in which the video bot interview tools help the talent acquisition executives of the organization include:

  1. Conduct Several Interviews at a Time

In the expansion phase of the company, the talent acquisition managers are responsible for hiring hundreds of ideal candidates in an extremely short period. They need to interview thousands of different candidates to hire the right talent for the organization. After all, they have the massive responsibility of lowering down the cost-to-company per employee by hiring loyal and hardworking individuals.

The best video bot interview tools can conduct thousands of interviews at the same time. Instead of acting sequentially, the bot can run multiple interviews parallelly to help the recruiters save time.

several interviews at a time

2. Advanced Video Bot Interview Tools Conduct Sentiment Analysis in a Smart Fashion

The market is filled with various video bot interview tools today. However, only a few of them are smart enough to leverage the best technologies in the market. The top tools can leverage technologies like NLP (Natural Language Processing) and Sentiment Analysis to provide an in-depth review of a candidate’s behavioral characteristics.

Sentimental Analysis

3. Records Multiple Factors for Assessment Purposes

Advanced video bot interview tools record much more than just the answers of the questions asked. Instead, it records a live-video of the candidate appearing for the interview so that the video can be played back at a later stage. These tools can also record behavioral patterns of the candidate and can detect signs of distress from the facial expressions.

The best video bot interview tools are smart enough to change the course of questions according to the skill set and comfort levels of the candidate appearing for the interview.

4. Shares a Comprehensive Report with the Recruiter

After the completion of the interview, the bot can share a comprehensive report of the performance of a candidate with the recruiter. This way, the recruiter can get access to relevant information about the candidate’s performance as well as characteristics. The recruiter can also play certain parts of the video recording to get a more in-depth analysis of the performance of the candidate.

The advanced bots can also detect the body language of the candidate to provide valuable insights to the recruiter.

5. Asks Both Technical as well as Non-Technical Questions

The video bot interview tools are not just a quiz that a candidate needs to fill in order to secure a job with your firm. Instead, it a platform that performs a comprehensive analysis of the attitude of the candidate. The best tools ask both technical as well as non-technical questions to the candidate to understand more about his/her expertise. This feature is extremely helpful for organizations who wish to use the tool for hiring candidates for managerial level technical positions.

6. Gives a Completely Unbiased Report for the Candidates

The feature that makes these tools so popular amongst directors of the talent acquisition teams is their unbiasedness towards a particular candidate. The bots generate completely unbiased reports based on the characteristics and skill sets of the candidates. This helps the recruiters get a quick and high-level screening done on a large pool of eligible candidates.


7. Conducts Interviews According to the Convenience of the Candidate

The bot can be fired up according to the convenience of the candidate. This convenience helps the recruiter rest easy and focus on the more important tasks at hand while the bot handles the preliminary rounds of the interview for him/her. This feature is extremely helpful in cases where the recruiter needs to interview candidates across the globe.

8. Gives Real-Time Information to the Recruiter

The best bots can give the recruiter real-time information on the performance of the candidates. This way, the recruiter can control the difficulty levels of the interview questions for a specific pool of candidates.

9. Standardizes the Entire Interview Procedure

With the video bot interview tool in place, the recruiter does not need to put in any extra efforts into standardizing the entire interview procedure for the candidates.

Video Chat

Benefits for the Organization

The following incentives make the implementation of such a tool at an organizational level cost-effective.

  • Cuts Down the Cost of the Hiring Process

The cost of hiring new candidates is so high in a few companies that they prefer outsourcing it to a recruitment firm. Instead of doing this, the company can now use this tool to interview thousands of potential candidates within a couple of hours.

  • Collects Valuable Insights About the Entire Pool of Candidates

The company can also get a single effective report on a large pool of candidates with this tool to process it effectively.

The top video bot interview tools are extremely necessary for rapidly growing companies that are hiring talent at an exponential phase. It helps the recruiters focus on the more important tasks of onboarding the employees in the right manner. This tool helps in transforming the whole organization from the ground up to make sure that it functions seamlessly throughout.