The dynamic business environment demands recruitment at a faster pace. With the increasing pressure on organizations to be highly productive throughout the business cycle, it requires an efficient and highly skilled workforce. Hence the recruitment process needs to be quick, economical and effective. Now the question is how? With the arrival of the internet, distances do not matter. Everything is just a click away, isn’t it? With the use of the internet and the latest technology, recruitment is on the fast track. The first and the foremost task of the recruitment is the screening process, which involves resume screening and matching to the job description and then comes the first round of test/ assessment. This first round of test/ assessment can be done online these days. Yes, with the right use of technology, there are many advantages of online tests based on Video Bot. Let’s evaluate these advantages.

Cost effectiveness

Due to an increase in demand for skilled labor and fast turnaround time, recruitment has become expensive. On top of it, the cost doesn’t stop at hiring only. The recruits need to be trained and retention cost is involved as well. With the inclusion of artificial intelligence and machine learning online test can include Multiple choice questions (MCQ) and video bot interview. This test gives a comprehensive idea about a candidate. The questions can be psychometric and skill related. Video bot interview gives an idea about candidate’s personality. It also gives an idea about the communication skills, soft skills, confidence level, aptitude, attitude (which is very important to adjust in any organization). The results are algorithms based, hence totally unbiased and cost-effective. Predictive analysis from these online tests/ Assessments helps in the selection of the best candidate in terms of skills, and the probability of retention. This brings the cost down, as the cost of training and retaining also goes down. Maintaining files and data physically in a warehouse requires effort and extra workforce. These tests reduce this effort. So, the online tests/assessments are in a way investment.

Comprehensive Candidate Analysis

The online tests/assessments give a comprehensive analysis of a candidate. The test captures the emotion of the candidate if the candidate was happy, surprised, calm, angry, confused or disgusted while appearing for an interview. It scores the emotions and performs sentimental analysis of the candidate as well. The sentimental score can be positive, negative, neutral or mixed. Wow, a single online test/ assessment covers so many aspects of a candidate. We had never thought of this a few years back. Not only this, it detects the gender of the candidate as well. The face detection technology predicts the age of the candidate. These tests are a kind of interview, as candidate needs to answer the questions verbally. It can identify the language the candidate appears for the test. The test can include questions related to personal attributes, behavioral and psychometric aspects. If the job requires the technical skills to be assessed, questions related to the technical aspect can also be included in the test. It also captures the time taken by the candidate to complete the test/assessments. On the basis of overall questions, a score is generated, and this score is completely free from human intervention. A detailed report is provided to the recruiter. With artificial intelligence entering in recruitment, the hiring process is becoming efficient and faster.

Quality Hire

Online tests/Assessments help in getting quality hire too as it gives a holistic picture of a candidate. As these tests/assessments gives insight based on facial expressions, the confidence level, and the communication skills of a candidate. Hence the chances of candidates tricking and manipulating the tests are less. Also, this helps in analyzing the attitude of the candidate, and for many organizations, it becomes easier to decide on this candidature for the next round. This is interesting. Indeed!

With these benefits, many organizations are leveraging the advantages of online tests/assessments in recruitment. Workonic provides you with improved quality of candidates and a better experience for candidates. You will get an optimized and cost-effective hiring process that lets no more talent waste. You can automate tedious manual tasks and speed up your recruitment process.

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