Kirby Smart rightly said, “You’re not just recruiting employees, but are sowing the seeds of your reputation”. Yes, every experience by candidate whether good or bad is not only creating a brand image in the candidate’s mind but also with the people they share this image with. It is imperative for the companies to create positive experience for a candidate, so that he or she joins with positive attitude and share this with their friends, acquaintances and social media. With the arrival of Artificial Intelligence in recruitment, it has become easier to leave a positive mark on a candidate. Let’s learn how?

Traditional recruitment involves a lot of dependency on human behavior and judgement. Whereas recruitment driven by Artificial intelligence is totally free from human errors and biases. A candidate is shortlisted by algorithms based on Artificial Intelligence, and hence a genuine candidate is not lost. A video bot interview link is sent via mail, which is generally active for 24 hours. Just in case, they miss on 24 hour timeline, they can always request for another link. The feel good factor starts building up.

Due to paucity of time on both the recruiter and candidate side, it becomes difficult to align interview time which is best suited to both. Candidates are uncomfortable in taking up the interview round during their office working hours. Imagine a situation where a candidate is waiting for the recruiter’s interview call, and recruiter gets tied up in last minute meetings. Will it leave candidate with a great experience to share. Voila! This problem is solved by video bot in no time. No more interview round during their business hours, no more waiting for the recruiters call, they can simply appear for an interview at their own convenience, at any point of time, may be in the middle of the night, from a café as well. Wow, this was never thought about, was never heard of. This brings in a very positive experience for the candidate. Their interview is also evaluated by Artificial intelligence. This completely eliminates bias, prejudices, and many other factor which can have negative impact on their going into the next round of the interview. Even if a candidate is not able to make it to the next round, it certainly leaves them with a positive story to share with their friends. And this in turn helps in building a brand image/ reputation for the recruiter as well.

These are very small experiences, but still they create big impact on a candidate’s experience by saving his/her time. At Workonic we work on the technologies driven by artificial intelligence to bring in these small yet powerful impact both for the candidate and recruiter. If you want to learn more or get more information on this, please feel free to write to us or contact us at We will be happy to answer your queries anytime of the day.