Recruiting and retaining the best talent pool is not about having people with the right education, right skills, and the right experience. It also involves finding people who is right “fit” for the company. To put it simple, will the candidate feel comfortable amidst your work culture? Will his or her personality gel with other employees in the organization? Is it often that you have been shocked by the performance of the new recruit soon after hiring him?

To avoid the challenges that come with hiring a wrong fit for your company, you’d wish predicting accurately if that candidate would gel with your corporate culture or perform well before you decide to recruit him. That’s where personality assessment comes into the picture. The information that you collect from a candidate’s resume or personal interview can be subjective. But using AI for personality assessment can tell you precisely how the person will perform at the workplace. This powerful tool with “human intelligence” can also help you find exceptional talents who would otherwise go overlooked via conventional recruitment procedures.

Use Predictive Analysis to Gain Valuable Insights into a Candidate’s Personality

Predictive Analytics

Resumes can be forged; interviews can be faked. So, if your company’s hiring decisions are based merely on traditional selection methods, it can cost badly in the future. However, predictive analysis used in personality assessment can provide deep insights into a person’s behaviour. This can help the recruiter to evaluate if the candidate will fit into the company’s culture or perform as expected.

Combine the results of personality assessment with data gathered from resume and interview to dramatically enhance the quality of candidate screening. Workonic uses AI for personality assessment, providing accurate data to aid your hiring decisions and help you select the right candidate.

Drive Key Hiring Decisions with Video Interview

Video Interview

The rapid developments in the field of Artificial Intelligence have paved the way for use of advanced technologies, such as video bots, to capture the persona of a candidate. The video bots and camera are powered by Artificial Intelligence, which helps capture reliable data, perform candidate interviews with the aid of video recognition, and provides “smart” analysis.

Workonic’s personality assessment is driven by AI-based video interview that help unravel otherwise hidden characteristics such as personal traits and soft skills. It uses predictive analysis to screen the candidate profiles and assist in data-driven hiring decisions.

Discover the “Real” Behind the Resume

Real Behind Resume

Workonic’s personality assessment aids in intelligent and faster resume screening, helping the recruiter see the “real” person behind it. A resume can reveal what kind of job responsibilities or tasks the candidate can perform, but intelligent personality assessment can highlight how the person will do it – under stress or with confidence, in a careless manner or diligently?

Understand the Candidate’s Psyche with Sentimental Analysis

Sentimental Analysis

Workonic’s sentimental analysis assesses a candidate’s reciprocation to automated interview questions, divulging the underlying psyche through reviews, opinions, and judgements.

Workonic offers end-to-end recruitment services, using cutting-edge algorithms and technologies of Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning. Through automated and intelligent pre-recruitment screening procedures, Workonic helps reduce time and increase efficiency and accuracy.