As a student, we all have attempted MCQ (Multiple choice questions) to clear exams in our life. Be it a competitive exam or academic exam, MCQ’s are extremely popular in the first level of screening. Now with the increasing demand for fast and effective hiring, many companies are introducing MCQ’s in the first round of screening. With advancement of technology, and artificial intelligence entering in recruitment, MCQs driven by artificial intelligence are very efficient and effective in recruitment.

mcq by artificial intelligence

Many organizations and industries where the hiring demands are high and are frequent are opting for MCQ’s driven by artificial intelligence. The first round of recruitment depends on knowledge, experience and psychometric analysis, in industries like pharmaceutical, FMCG, Healthcare. MCQ’s driven by artificial intelligence are savior. It reduces time, and conduct n number of tests at the same time. For example, the Healthcare industry requires Nursing staff quite often. There are candidates at remote locations, so it is difficult to call every candidate for the first round of interview. It is important to understand the psychology and behaviour of the nursing staff along with their knowledge primarily about the field. MCQ’s driven by artificial intelligence comes handy and are time savers in the situations like these. The candidate is sent a link related to MCQ’s. The candidate can take the test anywhere and everywhere, as per his or her convenience. And it is equally convenient for the recruiters also. They do not have to run after the candidates to get their time for the test. The results are unbiased as well. The recruiter gets the result immediately. The scoring is quick and easy with the artificial intelligence. Apart from testing knowledge, here we get psychometric and sentimental analysis based on their test.

The biggest advantage of this test is that a single test can have multiple questions on various subjects on knowledge, skills, behavioral and psychometric depending on the requirement. And not only this but multiple test versions, permutations, and combinations can be created as per the job description. An infinite number of questions can be added to the question bank. Tools are available which picks questions from these banks and create a test as per the candidate’s experience. These questions give insight into the psychology of a candidate and become easier for a recruiter to understand. MCQ’s driven by artificial intelligence further reduces the hiring time. Also, this test can give sentimental analysis. A recruiter gets to know the candidate in a much better way in the first round itself. As a result, it is easier for the recruiter to decide to proceed further or not. As the results are totally unbiased, efficient and effective, the candidate with the best potential moves forward in the next round.

With so many benefits related to MCQ’s driven by artificial intelligence, it will be soon very popular in recruitment. At Workonic, we leverage the benefits of MCQ’s driven by artificial intelligence in our pre- hiring process, to eliminate bias, improve efficiency, and make the process faster. If you want to learn more about how our process works, please feel free to write to us at or visit our website We will be glad to answer your queries and help you in best possible way.