Recruitment by Artificial Intelligence has become the buzz word in the recruiting industry. The AI technology empowers machines to mimic human capabilities. Artificial Intelligence in recruitment is the game changing technology designed to accelerate hiring, remove manual tasks and makes recruiters far more productive.

As stated by Harvard Business Review, up to 44 percent of organisations are consolidating AI in IT functions, while a further 19 percent utilize it to envision their clients, future purchases and present pertinent offers. Progressively, however, organisations are beginning to see the advantages of artificial intelligence in talent acquisition, with 96 percent of senior HR experts believing artificial intelligence has the potential to enormously enhance Talent Acquisition & retention. Here’s the reason.

Artificial Intelligence Enhances the Quality of Hire

On boarding the ideal candidate is a considerable part of long term success. Employees are the company’s most vital asset, so Headhunting strategy in place will give you the establishment for progressive achievement.

AI identifies the qualifications, educational history, work experience and other parameters that suggest the background of a candidate to emulate the performers of your organization.

The improvement in job matching is anticipated to prompt joyful, more profitable employees who are less likely to turnover.

Boosts Candidate Engagement
Applicants frequently grumble about not receiving timely updates about their application status. This hampers the applicant experience, subsequently specifically affecting the employer’s brand. AI tools empower better notifications and candidate engagement.

One of the significant advantages of the AI technology is the ability to automate monotonous tasks, for example, screening or even initial outreach via a recruitment voicebot.

This sort of automation helps frees up recruiters for more value-added tasks and makes them more productive.

AI Technology can be utilized to enhance applicant engagement for the main problem areas:


AI Speed
AI can enable you to accelerate sourcing and screening by learning the job requirements and automatically finding, short listing and ranking the candidates.


Technology can be of an immense help here: regardless of whether it’s some kind of recruiting automation, using voice bots, or automating process  will help direct human communication.