Year 2018 saw many new trends coming in and setting in recruitment. One of them is recruitment driven by artificial Intelligence. Let’s see what will be the upcoming recruitment trends in 2019?

Mobile App Based Job Search

Recent survey says that nearly 50% of the internet traffic is from mobile phones. We do all the shopping, social activity on the phone itself. Then why not job search. No one has time to open a desktop or laptop to search for the job. Everything we do is on the go.  Most of the job search portals are going app based, to enable candidate and the recruiters to connect faster. This will cut hiring time considerably and improve candidate experience.

Candidate Experience

Yes, candidate experience will be given more preference then before. A good Candidates experience can help in brand building and image building of an employer. We all want to be part of an organisation which values and takes care of the employees. And candidate hiring experience is a glimpse of the work culture that an organisation will offer.

Employer Branding

Shakespeare said, “What’s in the name?” But now a days it’s all in the name. Employers are focusing on brand building and image building. Candidate look for company’s reputation and brand before applying for the job. Companies with not so good reputation are not preferred by job seekers. Needless to say, job satisfaction, heavy package, and all the perks lose its significance if the work environment is not conducive.

Artificial Intelligence

AI has already entered into recruitment in year 2018, and year 2019 will further see its enhanced role in all the spheres of recruitment. Chatbots will improve the candidate experience. Candidates can appear for interview at any point of time and as per their convenience. Not only these chat bots will conduct interview but also will help candidates to find jobs as per their profile. Wow, sounds cool. Isn’t it?
AI will help in upgrading/ upskilling our knowledge, based on our profile and skill-set it will suggest courses or new trainings.
Predictive Analytics will help in select the candidates. So many a times, 2 similar candidates are shortlisted. Now the dilemma is whom should we offer the job, as both are equally good. So there comes the role of predictive analytics, and based on its analysis, it will give us the best of these two candidates. It can analyse based on the stammering, facial expressions, nervousness, voice quality. This will say no to guesswork and eliminate bias.

Social Recruiting

LinkedIn is already a popular social media site, and going forward Facebook, twitter will also play an important role. Already there are so many groups on Facebook where part-time or freelancing work is posted and these are growing with every day. Companies create their brand image on these groups to attract good candidates

Recruitment tools

Last but not the least, recruitment tools have already been integrated in ATS, HRMS in year 2018 in many organisations. These will further help in streamlining, automating the hiring process. This will help in tapping the best talent faster than the traditional recruitment.

All these trends will take the recruitment to a new height. If you want to learn more and keep your organisation in sync with the latest trends about artificial intelligence driven recruitment tools you can write to us or contact us. We at Workonic leverage the latest technologies to help our clients in the best possible way. Please visit us on